You Need Someone Available 24/7

You Need Someone
Available 24/7

After an arrest, your arraignment will occur within 24 hours. Trust someone who is always available to you.

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What is an Arraignment?

What is an

As the first contact you will have with the justice system, it’s important to have an attorney by your side.

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Successful Trial Verdicts

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You need a team with experience in fighting for clients and a successful track record.

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Why You Must Act Quickly

Why You Must
Act Quickly

Once arrested, you’ll be in front of a judge within 24 hours.

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New York City Arraignment Attorney

Criminal Court Arraignments

Once you have been arrested, immediately obtaining a New York arraignment attorney is essential if you are to protect your rights. Failing to consult with someone right away could lead to grave consequences in the outcome of your case.

At H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C., our legal team of 24 hour criminal attorneys has extensive experience in aggressively representing clients at their arraignment hearings. Arraignment is the first step in the criminal process, and a critical step in defending your rights. Getting ahead of the game is vital and can only be effectively done by a lawyer.

Under New York state law, anyone arrested must be brought before a judge and arraigned within 24 hours of their arrest. The arraignment hearing is where the official charges against a person are cited by the prosecutor, an attorney from the district attorney's office. At this hearing, a judge can decide whether you will be held in custody while your case is pending, or be allowed to go free until your case is fully resolved. Once bail is set, it is close to impossible to change.

If the bail is set too high and you cannot post, you will be placed in county jail until your next court date. In NYC, this process can take years!

With the help of our trusted and seasoned legal team, you can count on us to zealously fight for your right to freedom. Reducing your bail to a reasonable amount or garnering you a release on your own recognizance (ROR) is our essential mission.

24 Hour Arraignment Lawyer in New York City

Our firm is well known for vigorously working the arraignment process on your behalf, and taking the necessary steps in defending you against the charges. Because a judge can decide between ROR and setting bail, having our firm represent you at this hearing is vital. With our firm tenaciously attacking the prosecution's case and presenting your character and background in a positive light, we can work towards a favorable outcome at your hearing.

To find out more about what an arraignment is, visit our other informative pages. We can explain how bail & bail bonds work, and what conditions you must follow in order to be released from the custody of law enforcement.

Our skilled NY 24 hour criminal lawyer understands the factors considered when a judge determines bail and can help represent you accurately and positively in front of the judge. These factors can include:

  • The charges against you
  • Your character
  • Your employment
  • Your mental condition

At an arraignment hearing, whether or not you are later proved innocent doesn't matter. No testimony will be given, and no witnesses will be questioned; it is just the judge, the prosecutor, and you. Without skilled legal representation by your side, you will be left alone to defend your rights, putting your future at an immediate risk. Our 24-hour arraignment attorney can come to your aid at any time. You can be confident that you will have help whenever you need it, any time of day or night.

We can take full advantage of the 24 hour time period that follows an arrest. From the moment you call, our firm immediately begins working on your case. Our legal team is committed to protecting the rights of all our clients, no matter the charge or the time of day.

Contact us today for the skilled advocacy you need.

Your arraignment hearing will determine if you will be released or kept in jail. Strong and formidable legal representation is vital to your future. If you have been arrested and are awaiting your arraignment hearing, contact our New York arraignment lawyer immediately.

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