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Understanding Arraignments

The first legal proceeding a person arrested for a criminal case will go through is an arraignment. What is an arraignment? An arraignment is a hearing held within 24 hours after a person has been arrested. At the arraignment, the charges against the person will be read. The judge will then review the case to determine if the person should remain in jail or be released. A person can be released on their own recognizance (ROR) or by posting bail. One of the court's primary concerns in an arraignment is whether or not the defendant is a flight risk. A judge will look at various aspects of the case to determine if bail will be set and at what amount, including where the person lives, if they are employed, family and community ties, their prior criminal record, any past history of failure to appear in court and the type of crime they are accused of committing.

A Staten Island arraignment lawyer should be contacted immediately for representation at New York arraignments, and for assistance with the arraignment processandbail & bail bonds. H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. is a well-known criminal defense firm that can provide confident legal counsel and advocacy at arraignments. We have many years of experience protecting our client's freedom. H. Benjamin Perez is an adept litigator, as well as a member of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, New York State Bar Association, Federal Bar Council and the Dominican Bar Association.

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Arraignments are an important part of the criminal court process. A New York 24 hour lawyer from our firm will attack the prosecution's case and aggressively seek an ROR or minimal bail amount. We are dedicated criminal defense attorneys that will ensure your rights are protected and fight to protect your freedom.

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