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Bail & Bail Bonds in New York

Bail is a condition set forth by a criminal court that a defendant must comply with before they can be released from the custody of law enforcement. In the majority of cases, the condition takes the form of an amount of money as determined by a judge, in either cash or bond form. It is important to note that many first-time defendants do not have a bail amount set in their case. Rather, they are released on their own recognizance, to return to the court at a later date.

If the judge decides that bail is necessary, they will set the amount according to a set of criteria, including:

  • The defendant's character, habits, and mental condition
  • The defendant's employment, financial resources, and current financial situation
  • The defendant's family ties
  • The defendant's prior criminal resources

A bail bond is a contract between the defendant and a businessperson called a "bail bondsman." A bondsman may pay the entire amount of a person's bail in exchange for a nominal fee, typically 10% of the entire amount of the bail. Once the defendant is released from prison, after the bond amount has been paid, they agree to attend their next scheduled court appearance.

If they fail to do so, the bondsman forfeits the money they have provided for the defendant. In these cases, bondsman will frequently employ the use of "bounty hunters" to find the defendant and bring them to appear before a court. If you are facing an arraignment and the payment of a bond, it is in your best interest to contact a 24-hour New York arraignment lawyer who can represent you during your proceedings.

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We at H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. are dedicated to providing aggressive legal representation for those individuals who have been arrested and charged with criminal offenses. We possess considerable experience in navigating all stages of the criminal court process, including arraignment proceedings.

If you have been arrested and are facing an arraignment, we are prepared to assist you in your case, and may be able to secure a resolution that is beneficial to you.

Contact a New York arraignment attorney for legal assistance if you will be attending an arraignment after your arrest.

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