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The Arraignment Process in New York City

Guidance Through the Arraignment Process in New York

The arraignment process typically occurs within 24 hours of a person's arrest, in accordance with state law. The process begins with an attorney (or prosecutor) from the District Attorney's office reading the defendant's charges aloud, and requesting the imposition of bail at a certain amount, or requesting that no bail be set. If no bail is requested, then the defendant will be released "on their own recognizance," which means that they are released on the belief that they will return to court on the ordered date.

If there is a bail request, the amount is determined according to the severity of the charges and the defendant's personal circumstances, including:

  • Prior criminal history
  • Employment ties
  • Familial ties
  • Community ties

Our 24-Hour New York arraignment attorney can fight to reduce or eliminate the bail amount by arguing that the defendant is not a flight risk, or that the charges are improper in some way. In certain cases, they may even be able to get the entire case dismissed if the criminal complaint was filed by the District Attorney is not properly drafted or lacks a signature by the proper party.

Are you facing an arraignment for criminal charges?

At H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C., we are intimately familiar with the criminal justice system and have assisted hundreds of individuals in criminal cases that range from misdemeanors to serious felonies. We provide representation throughout every phase of the criminal process, and have obtained successful results for many during their arraignments. If you have been arrested and are facing an arraignment, contact our offices for legal support that may result in your bail being waved, or your case being dismissed outright.

Facing an arraignment after an arrest? Contact a New York arraignment lawyer who will fight for a favorable resolution on your behalf.

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