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What is an Arraignment in New York City?

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Following an arrest, a criminal defendant will attend what is known as an "arraignment." An arraignment is the first contact the defendant will have with the criminal justice system. During the proceedings, they will be informed of the charges against them by a prosecutor from the District Attorney's office.

The prosecutor may also seek to have a bail amount set for the defendant. The exact amount of the bail is determined by several factors, and can be influenced greatly by the defendant's legal counsel.

If you are facing an arraignment for criminal charges, it is highly advised that you contact a New York arraignment lawyer who can fight for a favorable resolution to your proceedings.

A person arrested in our state is required by law to have an arraignment within 24 hours of that arrest. One of the major decisions a judge will make during the arraignment is whether the individual will be released while the case is pending, or whether they will stay in jail until it is resolved.

A release from custody can occur in two different ways:

  • A release on the defendant's own recognizance - This essentially means a release based on defendant's promise that they will return to court on the ordered date.
  • Ensuring the defendant's return to court by setting bail - The specific bail amount may depend on the nature of the crime, the defendant's prior criminal record, and their employment and familial ties.

Legal Help for Your New York Arraignment

The attorneys of H. Benjamin Perez & Associates, P.C. possess ample experience in the area of criminal defense, and have assisted many during their arraignment proceedings. We represent each client with the goal of reaching a result in their arraignment that is most favorable to them, such as one in which there is a low or non-existent bail amount.

Contact our offices today for help in your arraignment, and we may be able to bring about a conclusion that involves you retaining your personal freedom.

If you are going to be arraigned following an arrest, it is crucial that you contact a 24-hour arraignment attorney who can act as your advocate during the proceedings. Call us any time at (646) 770-0989.

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